Overcooking … Doh!

Another lesson learned – the hard way.  Apparently one can ‘overcook’ PnP in one’s heat press.  Dammitall!  At least that’s what I think happened, as I decided to take the 15 dichro pieces through one-more-round in the heat press.  Last night’s successes didn’t etch correctly today – the PnP mask didn’t protect the dichroic surface.  (My only other thought is that Armour Etch on PnP doesn’t act the same as Etch-All … too harsh, maybe???  IDK, as I’ve only ever used Armour Etch …)  Anyway, I lost several pieces, but had enough to load the kiln … Now to see what 1400 degrees does to them.  Here are some of the pieces pre-firing … I’m excited and dreading the kiln opening tomorrow – uh, later today.  (You can see a few over-etched pieces in the middle photo – but I’m hoping I can salvage with custom edging … fingers crossed!)

dichro-cabs-in-kiln cabs-4-13 dichro-dragonfly---fingers-crossed

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