(Yet another) new hobby is born …

Note I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it … Note

The heat press came today – YAY!!  Meet Mr. DC16AP … isn’t he cute?  We did some rearranging in the studio to give him a good home.  And even though my much needed ‘heat tape’ has not yet arrived, I couldn’t wait to play, but first … Here’s the rearranged studio – I like it, and it gives me additional storage for ready-to-slump wine bottles:

heat-press  new-wall  bottle-storage

And – here are my first attempts at dye-sublimation.  Sophie is crooked, Zeus is off-centered (which wouldn’t happen if one used heat tape) … but I love them!  They’re 2 inch tiles, and will look cute on my fridge.  They’re inexpensive, so a great place to start the learning curve … I can’t wait to make some amazingly cool stuff!  Smile


Meanwhile, I ran both kilns last night:  Mobile centers (big medallion-y things) and a new pressed glass blank.  The black in it reminds me of Japanese symbols … kinda neat!

      mobile-centers       japanese-blank

And – I did get some work done today too … the front garden beds are weeded and mulched.  Looking much better and ready for summer!  I plan to get more of the yard work done tomorrow – in between playing with the heat press … Smile

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