Weekend Wrap Up … just another day in paradise

It was a busy weekend.  This weekend I refused to get sucked into anyone’s Jerry-Springer-drama (be it the twenty-something’s ‘crisis’ [can you say ‘vomited for 2 whole hours’?] or a co-worker’s overload tantrum) … Did that make me come off as uncaring?  Maybe.  But here’s what I saw: A heart rate climb to 195+ beats per minute due to some unknown overdose; a peer throw trash in the hall in response to frustration; more than one suicide attempt due to marital discord; a family of 10 (or more ???) gather and ‘vigile’ in the wee hours of the night because of a young person’s bad choices.

Here’s what I did:  Stayed calm in the face of [organized] chaos; started IV’s on people with no veins(!); directed (and re-directed) medics and patients and stretchers to accommodate new arrivals; took part in filing a child protective service report; struggled with (and BEAT) a computer program designed to slow things down; fought off a biter/scratcher/kicker; babysat a WING of intoxicated patients; sent-off a coworker (via potluck – that no one had time to enjoy) due to budget cutbacks; (almost) fell in love with an adorable 3 month old baby (yeah … I know what they turn into -> TEENAGERS!); got home just in time to eat my ‘lunch’ and survive another [summer] weekend …

And then sent my 16 year old son off on his date with girlfriend … Yep –  just another day in paradise …

I’ll leave with a photo of my ‘clock wall’ in the studio – finally got the plaque hung that I fell in love with 4 yrs ago … BTW – the ‘ABC’s of life’ … I’m working on it!!


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