Morning news …

Woke up refreshed and renewed after sleeping 11 hours … now ready to embrace the ABCs of Life …

monkey-juiceSince I woke up at 630am (such an unnatural hour to wake up), I started working in the kitchen.  I made a batch of what I lovingly refer to as ‘Monkey Juice’.  What started out years ago as Sangria, has now been modified and tweaked … all my favorite fruits, some juice, Cointreau, coconut rum, white rum, Liqueur 43, gin, mango vodka, some wine – a little of this and a little of that … It will ‘marinate’ all day to make for a yummy cocktail or two this evening … Smile

I’ve played some with the heat press – a coaster (Yorkie-style) and mug (my banner):

Tunie-coaster  mug2mug1

Ran my production kiln yesterday for a fun, retro tropical (?) colored blank … Will prep the coffin for some more letters, mobile toppers and medallions.  And then promptly leave the studio as it heats up to too-warm temperatures … Zeus (and Winston) have been keeping me company in the studio:

   retro-tropical-blank   zeus-winston

And now to work on the garden and flower beds … I have a rooster and chicken to watch over them … Smile


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