Morning (after) news …

wide awake eyesAnd so, the insomnia returns … It’s 3am.  The house is sleeping.  My studio is still 94 degrees, as the kilns are ramping down.  And I can’t sleep.  I’ve perused the ‘net, cleaned the studio, played with dogs and puppies, had a cocktail or two (or was it three … ???), and still – WIDE AWAKE!

We bought some plants and flowers … “Just a few, hon – I promise!” …  4 flats later, we were heading home.  I resisted the urge to buy a 5 foot metal peacock on ostrich legs … something that remarkable  (yea – pretty memorable in an ugly sort of way) is just dying to live in my yard!  Summer’s not over yet – so we’ll see.


I’ve spent some time ‘scoping’ out other substrates (items to heat press), but have held back for now.  While I love organization and neatness, and I’m NOT a product of the great depression, I do have hoarder tendencies.  Why buy one, when 10 is way better???  And if you buy a pallet, you get a HUGE discount!!  So, I’m battling with myself, which might be why I’m not sleepy … That, and the fact that I’m ruminating about an idea DH threw out:  He has a giant man-cave (30×40 barn) that has a currently unoccupied 2nd floor.  1200 square feet of space – drywalled, plumbed, a mini-kitchen of sorts … just waiting to be decorated.  I could have SOOO much room for all of my ‘arts and crafts’ … The down-side?  I’d never want to leave there … hmmm.  My current studio is in the walk-out basement (INSIDE the house!) … The kids are old enough, right? Hmmmmm …

Tomorrow … um, later today – I’ll get all those flowers planted, see how the glass projects faired in the kilns, slump some bottles and take it from there … I think I’ll have DH man the BBQ for bacon wrapped-provolone-shrimp-kabobs … yeah, those are low-cal … Smile

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