Week-DAY wrap up – Summer Birthdays ….

So, I had 5 kids today – as I casually pointed out to the husband … “you’re acting like a child!” – and he agreed !!  Alright buddy, what do you need?  A nap, a time out … what???

Meanwhile, we got through our photo-shoot with pups!  Some cute pics, despite  the ‘number 1 child’ …  While not the cutest pic – I love it!  He’s singing – all Luther Vandross style …yodeling


And then he (DH) came down to the studio to ‘play’ on MY computer!  But, I let him … hovering like a nervous hen … he struggled to produce a coffee mug for his mom, for her birthday.  It’s rudimentary, but it’s all his …

While DH was ‘creating’ – I got the kilns going with that bottle slump and some more letter/medallions for the mobiles.  The special wire (for the mobiles) should be arriving shortly.

We had a Father’s day/Birthday celebration with my dad on Thursday.  Happy to say we had a great day and somewhat maintained the Martha Stewart façade … all Rosie O’Donnell style – which I’m OK with …

And my youngest son … the most laid-back of the group (WHY couldn’t he have been the firstborn???) … finally found an activity that spiked his (outside the house) interest … FENCING – no-less.  Whatever … it’s a sport (of sorts) and he’s enrolled.  Watch out you swash-buckling thieves – my youngest will protect us … some day!!masonfencing

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