Weekend wrap up – Balloon Fest

balloonfestThere are three weekends that I really don’t like working … Balloon Fest, Easy Rider and Melon Fest (and for fun – many years Easy Rider and Melon Fest are on the SAME weekend!) … Too many people crammed together in a small town, lots of alcohol flowing freely on a hot summer night … a triad of bad juju …

This past weekend ran true to form … cardiac arrests, intoxicants, loads of legal blood draws, chest pains, family members of co-workers, assaults, rude and inpatient 20-somethings … overall just too busy!  At one point I popped some Motrin as I realized my back was hurting.  2 hours later I stopped for air and realized the Motrin wasn’t helping … Motrin has never failed me at work!  I call them ‘Nurse Vitamins’! 

Sunday started to slow down – still plenty of legal blood draws and rude 20-somethings to go ‘round … One (weekend festival) down, two to go …

I’ll leave with my little ‘tribble’ … Winston snuggled deep into a ball on a giant (Neo) bed – his favorite way to nap!  Smile


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