Hibernation …

So … I seem to have fallen into a strange routine.  I’ve been sleeping 11+ hours on Mondays.  This is bizarre to me, as I typically function on 4-7 hours of sleep and then magically wake up, whether I want more or not … My only complaint is that I’m waking up at strange hours of the morning (3-6am) on Tuesdays, wide awake and ready to start my day … Whatever – I guess I’ll roll with it.  It does give me lots of ‘net/shopping time.  Smile  I’ll have those new substrates coming this week.

2003 barn rec room xmasMeanwhile, DH and I talked more about moving the studio to the barn.  It begins with cleaning the upstairs out (has been storage for 7 years), finding an appropriate flooring (has old, icky carpet now) and then designing/building.  So, I’ve been stuck on the flooring part.  I want something with industrial strength and durability, easy clean-up and attractive.  We’ll probably end up going with commercial floor tiles (like in hospitals) – but I’d love something ‘prettier’ … Since it’s on the second floor, I can’t go with ceramic tiles (too much weight), and as a warm/hot glass studio – carpet is out.  I fear that wood isn’t durable enough (plus the whole hot glass thing).  The room is 30 foot wide, so linoleum seams would show … Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  I figure we’ll be at this (cleaning, remodeling) for a while (6 months or more), as it’s not a priority …

I programmed and ran the production kiln with mobile toppers before hibernating yesterday … apparently not the best idea, as I ran the wrong program (toooo hot).  What a mess …


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