The yard work is done (almost) …

For this year anyway … Each year I add to our growing gardens/flower beds/landscaping.  Since our house is in the middle of what used to be a hay field, I’ve had lots of planting to do.  In the first few years, I would surround the house with annuals – in pots, no less.  I quickly learned how much that stunk!  Not only expensive, but those things don’t water themselves!!  Give me perennials any day!  Caught a sale at Lowe’s – and for under $45 I added several evergreens, rose bushes and other flowering plants, and a pear tree (no, really! No partridges yet, but lots of finches!)  And the vegetable garden is done now too.  The only thing left is a bit more mulching … Just waiting on DH …

A few pics around the yard – I love summer!  And there’s the future studio …

needs-mulch   sweet-pea   frontyard


Meanwhile, I’m collecting substrates like crazy for heat pressing, while my subconscious is spinning with ideas of images to sublimate.  As for my glass projects – I’ve hit some snags.  I’m breaking lots of my letters when drilling a hole in them for the mobiles.  We bought a new bit to try (dremel vs. drill press) – we’ll see.  And I’ve got some ideas for slumped bottles I’m in the process of trying – both regular and mini-bottles.  Since I’d run out of the mini’s – I had to stock up on more.  It’s so tough – suffering as an artist!  Smile

lettersbreaking    suffering-artist

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