A houseful of stinkers!

That’s what I have, both the two and four-legged kind!  During our evening romp outside, I thought it might be nice to get some pictures of the dogs … NOPE – no one wanted to cooperate.  Yoda Kei – the biggest stinker of them all – is below.  He’s such a snot that he’s sporting floppy ears and can’t see half the time, as he REFUSES to let me trim him up.  I’m waiting him out right now – we’ll see who wins … Smile  And there are three of the Yorks just screaming, “Throw the darn ball already!” …

YK6mos    Yorks

And the two legged monsters … I made a sublimated shirt for my youngest daughter.  She loves pink, so the shirt was destined to be hers.  She picked out the picture, but she won’t let me photograph her (all of her – like her face!) in it.


The men-folk were tied up today (umm, technically yesterday) with the back hay field – so it was a laid back kind of day:  Got some bottles scrubbed; struggled my way through some of my glass project ‘snags’ (almost there, I can feel it … the right technique, temperature, program is sooo close!); did some internet ‘window shopping’ … trying to decide what purchase should come next – $200 in replacement laser cartridges or more perennials/sublimatables … hmmm. 

Studio news – I’ve switched back to some Christmas ornaments – time to bust-butt to prepare for ‘Christmas in July’ … probably won’t make the deadline, but it’s a good jump start for the real thing …


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