Happy 4th of July … weekend wrap up

flagI received a major sublimatable shipment on Friday … even my daughter was saying I’d outgrown the studio … But, in the meantime, I did a little dye-sub before going to work this weekend … I now have a new flag welcoming [me] …

And, we put my pretty flowers (MINUS mulch) to good use during our puppy ‘photo shoot’ … isn’t she sweet?  Smile


But then it was time to go to work – on a holiday weekend … one associated with lots of alcohol.  When will people learn that drinking and driving are a bad combination (not to mention illegal)???  I should have a new batch of subpoena’s rolling around in a few weeks …

We had all sorts of alcohol related injuries too – punching walls, burns, lacerations, falls … scattered in with sick folks: cauda equina syndrome, cancer, hypoxia, dementia and a few visitors from the jail … all while working short staffed half the time.  Holiday weekends – gotta love ‘em!

But it’s over for the week.  I’ve made some progress with drilling holes in letters for the mobiles – that new bit is doing the trick.  I’m still having an issue with the new slumping bottles, but we’re getting there.  I will focus on that this week, and forget all about drunks!!!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!  bboop4th

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