A new me … for the moment

Having slept 14 hours … I feel like a new me – for now. Smile

My heat press arrives tomorrow.  I’m excited – and rearranging the studio to accommodate this new toy.  I’ve already received some substrates in the mail – I’m all set to play.  (To which, I need to remember the next time I’m annoyed with DH – he has not questioned/complained once about all of the packages that keep arriving …) Angel

Ran both kilns yesterday … have more mobile parts cookin’.  Here are some of the pieces …  I need to decide what ‘string’ I want to use, and pick some up (heavy duty fishing line vs. a wire of sorts) …

marbles  beads  letters

As a wine maker and wine bottle recycler/’artist’ – I didn’t feel like our yard was complete without a Wine Bottle Tree … Here it is, outside my studio next to my lilac bush, complete with weeds …


That’s it for now … my next post should have dye-sublimation news …

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