Play Day in the Studio

A long, stressful day … but a good day.  Started early this morning as we flew pups off to their new homes.  Got home just in time to watch their flights progress across the country … New extended family in NJ, MD, FL and MN.  All the babies did well, and I’m happy and sad at the same time.


To fix my mood, I spent the evening in the studio.  Here is DH’s frit envelope, now fired.


And, then I played with transferring images onto glass (with gum arabic) …. Here are my first and second attempts … not so hot, so I didn’t bother to finish them.  (Lettering needs to be reversed … DOH!)


But I started to get the hang of it … a little, anyway.  We won’t talk about how much (oil based) ink I have all over my hands … good thing I’m due for a manicure.  I like the smudgy newspaper quality of the last one … AND – it’s a photograph-type image!!!  Definitely more fine-tuning and skill-acquiring but … YAY!!!

3rd-and-4th-with-frit      5th-...-master

Time to see what the kiln does with them …

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