Studio Time, Food and Family …

Had a bit more studio time … so I learned a bit about David Alcala’s glass tapestry (amazing!), and played with flexi-glass … had some troubles getting started (it’s NOT supposed to roll and wrinkle like that), but had more success with fine frit and mica:

flexiglass-...-DOH!  black-and-red-sheets-of-frit  mica curing/cooking in craft oven

And here’s my “object d’art” … basically because I wanted to get a kiln going – all four flexi-sheets (fine black, fine red, powder black and gold mica with some punched leaves) on clear base… the possibilities have some ideas spinning.  We’ll see what the kiln does to it.

flexiglass experiment

Just waiting for a few supplies before I try ‘glass tapestry’ … maybe someday I’ll be this good (David Alcala’s work – just beautiful!) …

Glass Tapestry by DAlcala

Tried a couple of new recipes (compliments of pinterest) this week … wasn’t crazy about the homemade version of Chick-Fil-A (but they got better – the next day) and I’ve never cooked with peanut oil before – I like it; and strawberry cream cheese cobbler (DH loves strawberry) … they like it, so it’s a keeper.

chicken-nuggets     strawberry-cream-cheese-cobbler

Then, we took the kids to Iron Man 3 … good movie with good family time … so, a good week!

Iron Man 3

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