Whipped Cream Frosting …

Where have you been all my life?  An amazing, wonderful, incredible coworker (whom I LOVE!) shared a frosting recipe this weekend (it ALMOST made up for all the craziness we endured on behalf of our patient population … 5AM take down of a male someone half my age … don’t get me started!).  Anyway – I’m sharing it with you, cuz it’s just that HEAVENLY …

  • To ‘properly’ frost a 9×13 cake*:  Using previously chilled metal bowl and beaters (freezer), mix 3 cups heavy whipping cream and 3/4 cup powdered sugar for about 5-7 minutes on medium/high – until the MAGIC happens … and it goes from (frothy) liquid to (stiff peak) FROSTING … That’s it!  You now have Frosting Crack!!!  Put it on whatever you want!


Umm – I really don’t want to hear that ya’ll have known about this magical food [a should-be dietary STAPLE]  all of your lives.  While you don’t have to call me Annie  – let’s just say that my routine exposure to good food started when I began cooking.  (Canned peas and creamed corn still give me nightmares!)  To this day, I remind DH just how lucky he is that I’m a decent cook … Who knew way back then???

Anyway, after my early morning wake up for the DARN SANE meeting today yesterday, Frosting Crack is the perfect pick me up!  And – the Fam gave it Two Thumbs (WAY) Up!


* Of course, if you’re a GREAT  cook – you’ll do something fancy, like PIPE  the frosting on, in a gorgeous flower-like arrangement … Just Sayin’

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