A (quietly) productive week …

And ending on a great note:  I’m meeting with ‘The Girls’ again – my childhood friends.  We’ve had some (slightly) impressive changes since we last got together … [Good Lord – we ARE some kind of version of “The Big Chill”] … so, we have lots to share.  I’m so looking forward to seeing them – and the ROOTS they give me …


I did ‘good’ stuff for my DARN SANE this week.  I’ve cooked well for the family.  I’ve had some quiet time in the studio (studying techniques by D.Alcala, M.Dupille, P.McGrain … along with a few other ‘discovered’ processes to try …).  A great learning week!

Contacted Fusion Headquarters (THE Guru’s behind the Flexi-glass technique), and now feel ready to play with that process again – with better outcomes (thank you, customer service!).  Have ordered a ‘FEW’ things (- umm, Mother’s Day is JUST around the corner!) … so I’m excited about my next (studio) steps.

Here are my examples/learning to date:  My first flexi-glass fuse (I decided to drop it on the way out of the kiln [?!?], so it has that nice [broken glass] ‘branch-design’ in the middle); second flexi-glass trial – I love me some fleur-de-lys; and an image of P.McGrain’s technique that I’m itching to try … AMAZING!

leaves-n-branch  fleur-de-lis  Peter-McGrain

Have (mentally) worked around my ‘lil medical issue some … So, I have appointments to see my primary and a specialist coming up … The good news – it should mean some kind of weight loss, so I’m wrapping my head around that.  And – I have a recipe for Frosting CRACK that is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G (… umm – [eventual] weight loss means I can eat like that!)!!  Life is good – when you decide it should be …

amazing life copy

I did not progress on my work-competencies … DOH!  Yeah, OK – next week ….

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