Getting Back in the Groove …

sick whiny man baby2WWU:  Oh Paradise – where are you?  I had a tough weekend.  With alleged abuse/DV, delirium tremors, pregnant folks with belly pain, along with the latest bout of flu patients who arrived by-the-bus-load … Arrghh!  I’m missing Paradise!!! 

Sunday night was crazy/busy, and I’m struggling with the fact that I did not make a new friend.  Of course, I’ve told myself it isn’t my fault … he started it* when he said, “I’m a MAN, that means you HAVE to treat me like a BABY …”  WTH???  The customer-service super-agent in me still can’t figure out what the correct response to that statement is supposed to be when ‘juggling’ for the needs of several other patients – all of whom were actually sick – in a Standing Room Only (busy) ER. 

One final gripe … I will never understand why women in mid+/late pregnancy would come to a STAND-ALONE ER, in a county without any inpatient L&D’s – with the complaint of abdominal pain!?!  … ‘Nuff said.

So now – I’m letting go of the weekend to find my kinder-gentler-nicer self (she’s in there somewhere …).  And to play with puppies … Yep, I’ll find her!

* Yesss – I know I sound like a toddler, but come on … a BABY?!?

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