Back to Reality …

Although – LOTS of times, our reality is pretty AWESOME!


We have puppies … Yep, Zeus is a first-time dad, and DH is strutting around, ready to pass out cigars – he is so proud of HIS BOY!  Winking smile  Thirteen new bundles of wrinkles and puppy breath added to our ‘den’.  Mom is already eating and drinking well – smiling at me every time I head to the kitchen …

And the Yorkie pups (who have been named during my absence … really cute names, too) are ready to advance to the next level – exploring around the kitchen/mud room.  [Here they are in their last pen.]


The whole gang and crew did great while we were away.  We (DH and I) had a wonderful time (although we ended with a few cloudy days – very untypical from our past experiences in Paradise), met interesting and fun people, and now my liver is ready for a break.

Papa/Grandma and the twins enjoyed our time away too.  I have a refrigerator AND pantry FULL of junk food to prove it!!

So, I’ll head back to work tomorrow and start the process of detoxing (the KIDS – from SUGAR … NOT ME, Jeesh!!!), buckling down (ohhh TAXES), and settling into reality (playing with puppies).  Maybe next week I can steal some studio time too … I have Jamaican bottles!!!

red stripe bottles

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