Exhausted … But – you know, in a good way … (AKA WWU)

ER-nurse-jugglingThe way that a third-shift nurse, mom, MAGICIAN feels when she crosses that marathon work-tour finish line with all pieces successfully juggled/managed.  Sure … at the final 20 minute push-point, it meant maintaining a 1:1 behavior-medicine watch, while acclimating a new team member, triage-assessing/documenting on our next cardiac patient AND greeting/briefing day shift staff … So, yeah – would you like fries with that???

Meanwhile, at the homestead: Isabella and pups are doing great (as are all four-legged family); Little Sis is getting over her bubonic plague [read: cruddy, germy bronchitis]; and we’re enduring Michigan’s ice-age summer … Was that a snowflake I just saw???

I also managed to do a bit more beading …


And, I MAY have made a few de-stressing internet purchases … Doh!  More to come once I hibernate for a few days hours!

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