So, it must be that time of year …

crystal-earringsThat’s my excuse, anyway.  I’m scouring, learning and obsessing over jewelry making again.  (In the non-fused glass, non-chain-maille sort of way …)  This means I have a new wholesale account with yet another company … (Um, no actual purchases yet, just a lot of dreaming.  It’s good to be prepared!)   Yep, I know.  I need to pursue this new interest like I need another hobby …

In the meantime, I’m making jewelry.  And – to be fair, I am contemplating how to incorporate my glass cabs in a few of them.  I’m also making earrings, bracelets, metal pendants and necklaces … Oh my!  (BTW – that first necklace is made with 8 strands of 11/0 beads, all braided together ALA kumihimo-style.  I’m certain my eyesight will return at some point …)

  kumihimo-necklace     beaded-necklace-idea


My studio is a mess!  I will clean it, one of these days!  But, until then, I have a few glass projects brewing, and I need to catch up on some orders … So, I’m shifting gears.  (Or, maybe I’ll go without a few hours sleep … yeah, that’ll work!)

Homestead update:

  • The next time the twins (MY BABIES!) return to school, it will be as Seniors!neo-pup-6-15  Good golly, someone is getting OLD!
  • The pups have opened their eyes and are starting to move about.  Playtime is short lived – but super cute, and sleeping/eating still rule the day.
  • The pool is open, the garden planted, most of the flower beds are done.  (See, I have been doing responsible grown-up stuff too!)  I also read a few new books … umm, INSOMNIA!
  • Everyone is eating well, as Mom’s kitchen never closes.

I’ll leave with a quick pick of (some of) my girls … Mimi, Cally and Nora, who are  collectively called ‘Ma Gerlz’ … Which can quickly become “MONGRELS” when they’re misbehaving!


It’s 2am, back to (studio) work!

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