Relentless, tenacious perseverance pays off …

Sure it does … Or it makes me a Magatama-Master … Or, maybe just mulish and crazy!  But – after reloading those darn 8 strings some 32 times … I win!  Thank goodness for QUICK projects!!! [Snarl!]


magatama beadsSo, those tiny little buggers have to be loaded onto the cord (read: string!) in a specific, single-file format … like, the same direction on ALL eight cords.  Yep, for the spatially-geometrically-challenged ARTISTE, it might pose a problem.  Not this girl.  Not anymore.

Moving on … Next up … Rocket Science!  … Or – maybe just a simple pair of earrings … (Not mine, but available on

mule earrings

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