Busy, busy … Good!

Holiday weekends sure are busy!  But overall good!  I have highlights:

We have puppies!  (Of course it meant a long sleepless period … but look at those faces!!!)


Momma Izz (Isabella) is doing great, eating and sleeping like a champ and her pups are growing before my eyes.  (And, we will catch up on sleep later, I’m sure …)

I have just wrapped up my last package for shipping.  Made the deadline for 14 orders, THANK YOU very much!!  (Right now I’m only limping along new glass designs … but, we are moving forward!)

poppy-glass-spoonrest  decadence-bowl  custom-glass-heartssummer-blooms-glass-bowl  bumble-bee-glass-suncatcher  summer-landscape-glass-bowl

I got through a busy (ER nurse) tour.  No one died.  All got good care – as my snarl was saved for the [behind closed doors] medication room …  In the midst of all the chaos, I learned something (table sugar to shrivel unwanted parts … who knew?!?) and [unrelated] laughed a bit, thanks to a great crew.  Move over Ben&Jerry – Aunt Ginger’s adult ice-cream will be hitting local grocery markets soon, and I will never watch a scene from the movie ‘Dodge Ball’ without cringing!

DH is splitting his day-walker hours helping my uncle build/attach a 14 foot tall garage addition onto his single story home (impressive tie-ins!) and rebuilding a much loved Chevy truck (new motor, new paint with custom pin-striping and emblems) … So – he’s busy doing double over-time, too!

Oh, and I finally started in on Japanese beading bracelets (Kumihimo style) along with some other jewelry designs.  (I do love wholesale shopping accounts – and mail orders … Doh!)

kumihimo-bracelet    caribbean-waters-bracelet

Is there junk to whine about?  Sure … but life is too short!  Next up on the ‘Add-to-Mid-Air-Juggling’ list: Vegetables, gardens and pool-openings, OH MY!

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