Funk, funk … Date Night!

Pitch_Perfect_2A crummy weekend work-tour; a mandatory in-service that outlines dreaded documentation changes coming my way*.  Add lots of angry kiln-Gods in the studio recently, and it sure would be easy to feel blue.  Nope, I’ve got a date with my youngest daughter.  Yep … A wild night out on the town – or, plans to take in a movie with Little Sis.

*Umm … thank you, JCAHO … ?!?  I’m not sure why you hate through-put and customer service, but I’m certain dragging a computer around with me everywhere I go while scanning patients like they are PRODUCE(!) is the answer to good care …

Studio news – if at first you don’t succeed:  My crackle powder designs are struggling.  [I don’t want to talk about it – yet!]   So, I moved ahead.  Then, my ‘heart’ order had a bizarre reaction – silver/gray SPLOTCHES everywhere.  WTH?  OK, shake it off – so, I made more. And, my No Days Powder Wafer film arrived:  After some trial and error, I figured out how to make it work with my ‘spensive vinyl plotter (CE5000).  I will be busting out my Eclips, as I think it may work better.  [Baby steps – tune in next week …]

reaction-on-hearts  new-heart  powder-wafer-trial-cut

In between funk and frustration, I played with my first Kumihimo.  Hmm, I like it.  Simple and mindless, while keeping hands busy during TV (or audio-book) time.  Next up, more challenging designs – ‘cuz, I have books!

my-first-kumihimo   20150514_002607_resized

And, I finally fired a few of my less exciting pebble tiles – the ‘shanks’.  I love these two!  I’ll be playing with this technique again … along with pattern-bar/wet-saw ideas!  [More to come, I’m certain!]


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