Three kilns running, ideas flowing …

2015-05-0702.33.16_resizedPrep work done … AND surrounded by half of my ‘Dwarf Clan’ (the Yorkies … all seizure-free and healthy – Thank You Very Much!!!) … Here’s ‘Buubbby’ (Chauncey), with his much-loved/hoarded dental bone!  Callie, Nora and ‘Meems’ (Mimi) are sleeping [with one eye open] on the studio couch, watching over me (and the bone) while I work …

The production kiln is loaded with ornaments.  Meanwhile, powder-meets-fiber-paper trial 4 is looking good (and #5 is firing in the baby kiln).  My powder wafers faired well …

2015-05-0702.35.33_resized     2015-05-0702.34.07_resized

And, I have bottles slumping in the coffin-kiln … with home-made devit spray – to see if it improves bottle-outcome.


All while I surf the net for jewelry/beading/chain-maille ideas … DH and I have started negotiations over opening the pool and tending the garden … Life is Good!

beading ideas

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