Have I mentioned? …

I LOVE MY STUDIO!!!  I told DH ‘I’ll see you on Saturday’ … and I was only half-joking!

vinyl-decals-Neo-and-YorkieMy plotter has arrived, she’s installed and after 5 days of confusion, electronic and software grief … she’s up and running.  I LOVE IT!!!  I have days upon days of learning  to do/knowledge/experience to acquire – but I’m getting the hang of it!

Here’s what I put together today … a Neapolitan Mastiff and Yorkshire Terrier decal.  Check it out!

And here’s Maggie scoping out the plotter.  Once she realized there was nothing edible about it, she promptly ignored it …


I’ve also gotten a few other dichro cabs prepped for the next stage, and managed to get a custom night light put together.

latest-cabs   requested-nite-lite   new-cabs

Well – gotta go.  More playing to do … Have a great week all!  I’ll leave with a quick pic of Zeus … such a handsome guy. 


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