Tales from a card-maker wanna-be …

I had some ups and downs this week.  I’m having a drink right now to ease my latest nightmare adventure … [Cue drama …]

But first … I love me some fuchsias.  I can’t write the word without the aid of spell check (what is up with that crazy spelling, anyway); I can’t keep the plant alive for long (much to my grandpa’s disappointment); but I LUV those flowers.  And – turns out, I can stamp and color them!


zoo-bday-cardFeeling all giddy about my progress with the big plotter (CE5000) for making masks galore(!), I made that fuchsia card and this ‘Zoo’ card … Showing off some mask evolution:

While I’m not thrilled with my distress ink blending skills or the coloring of the zoo-squad, I still consider this a success.big-cutter-masks masking-in-progress

I spit out a few more cute CAS cards.  And then got busy – ummm, too busy with the background, colors and embossing on the dogs birthday card … Meh – it’s a man’s card.  I like the birthday hyena though …

koals-bday bulldog-bday-cards dog-hyena-bday-cards

Next, some successful watercolor pencil coloring for these soon-to-be shaker cards …


beautiful-fuchsiasSo, feeling unstoppable – I colored another set of fuchsias and decided to have a rematch with my Sizzix Eclips to die cut my designs.  And that’s when the meltdown started.  I butchered those beautiful flowers.  I tried again with 3 more pages of stamped images.  My eclips and I did come to an understanding regarding cutting blade depth and speed, but we could not reach mutual agreement, or compromise(!) with registration marks!!!  So, we mutilated four sets of stamped fuchsias before I threw up the white flag and accepted defeat.  [No pictures of the poor flowers, it’s just too painful!]


Now, I’m sitting back with a bit of liquid analgesia … I won’t think about attempting electronic die cuts for a while.  I will focus on my next card … This sums things up nicely, I think!  Winking smile


And, I’m counting down the time until Miss Chloe Cowbella has her babies – somewhere within the next 7-10 days!!!  The poor girl barely makes it through the doggy door these days …

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