Minimal Adulting here …

I did some coloring this week.  That led to organizing my available markers, deciding which colors/color-families I wanted to grow … A wee bit of online shopping … (Umm, Mother’s Day is coming …)  More coloring and new stamps to color (I’m not too sure about that clown, but the witch and Frankie are pretty cute!)


DH surprised me this week with a sturdy (quality) screen door for the studio, complete with a doggy-door for the girls..  They’re getting used to it, but being a bit stubborn about using it … Go figure!  Smile


My most recent project was working on inlaid die cuts.  I created some custom paper in yummy colors and a misting of glitter/sparkle.  Then I die cut those papers to create these hearts.  I may have gotten a bit carried away with the number of hearts I made, but … my die cutting, paper-manipulating and sticker-making skills have improved!



Then I made this CAS (Clean and Simple) card with quick shadow coloring and heavy layer embossing on the white frame.  And, I pulled together my Yorkie card.  Again a CAS design, which is what I lean to …


Leaving with cute pictures of Victor and Sheeba, playing with their girls … Awwwww!


Next up, a weekend of ER nursing fun!


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