So, yeah … We’ll get to glass

But first … I made a few cards this week.

 May-cards bday-card Friday-cardmaking

And, I’ve got a few (hundred) more ideas rolling around.  I did feed DH – my version of Eggroll-In-A-Bowl.  He loves it.  And, we made a small stock-pot amount … Leftover’s for the boys! 


This week-end we’ll be making a giant crock of (my) BBQ meatballs to add to ‘trailer park’ Mac-N-Cheese.  My family loves it – ALMOST as much as the Gourmet Macaroni & Cheese* (but, the ‘trailer park version’ is easily $70 less, per serving to make).  Combining the BBQ-smoked soupy, saucy herb-filled, slow cooked meatballs with heart-stopping cheesy goodness … Carol Brady/Mel’s Diner never had it so yummy!  (Yes – it is totally my hormonal go-to meal … but Mother’s Day is coming up – RIGHT?!?) [*I can’t find the recipe now, but I know I have it stashed away … I remember searching for specialty cheeses and the grocery bill being ~$75 … I’ll find it and post it!]

My Sisters are doing great  Ro systematically runs around the studio, ‘FINDING’ any forgotten packaging, cardboard, etc. … and neatly shreds it for me.  Obviously for easier clean up!(??)  Chloe will be 5 wks into pregnancy – if she is pregnant.  SHE thinks she is – with tissue development, frequent napping, and a BULLY desire to hold-out for special treats.  Since I will be able to feel pups move within the next 7-10 days, and she’s eating/acting totally on schedule, we’re holding out for x-rays or ultrasounds … But – It’s Killing Me!

One of the last things I made Friday was a die-cut sticker.  Oh my goodness … I CAN MAKE STICKERS!!!  (I WILL be loading the kilns this weekend, in between ER nursing fun, playing with Bully Sisters, and maybe stamping a card or two …)  Smile


Next up – 24 hours of ER nursing fun!

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