Aha! Success …

the-experiementSort-of … Well – not really … But, CLOSE ENOUGH!
Today’s challenge was to bust out the Sizzix Eclips and figure out how to use it for electronically die cutting, for my next-level evolution as a stamping ‘card maker’.  Challenge accepted!  I hate the idea of paying $20-$30 for manual die cuts, and there are some super cute stamps without dies available (at least not that I could track down!).

Step one: Scan experimental stamped images.  Relearn and delve a bit deeper into the Sure-Cuts-A-Lot software and capabilities.  Create a shadow outline (and figure out how to remove all other cut lines from the image/file – sounds simple but it was touch and go there for a bit!) …

  shadow-outline  electronic-die-cutting

OK.  Now to load my not-so-sticky mat into the Sizzix (less than ideal).  Try for a long time to master registration marks.  Give up and figure out a work-around.  Successfully cut copy paper image (after a couple SEVERAL tries)!  Yay!!!  But will it work with thicker paper?

almost  copy-paper-success

Stamp and (qucikly) color the image onto  [HEAVY] watercolor paper (if you’re gonna push – push BIG!).  Fiddle forever with your lack of registration mark/work-around.  And, cut!  OH YES!  Of course the stamp ink I grabbed isn’t copic marker friendly, and I need to adjust the blade setting a bit … and make a more forgiving (larger) outline shadow.  But, for someone who does not enjoy fussy-cutting … I’ll take it!!!


Sweet!  Leaving with a quick pic of the girls – who are Queens-of-the-Rock … and there aint nothing you can do about it!  Winking smileHuh

Next up: A bit of much-needed studio cleaning and some glass work!  Oh yeah ~ more card making, too!  And … I have agreed to make dinner tonight.  (Loosely based on this recipe)

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