Yeah, so …

I’m taking this “NOT ADULTING” to a WHOLE new level…

DH is cooking dinnerIF/WHEN he wants to eat;  I haven’t done laundry … in a REALLY long time;  I am stocking up on stamps and card making supplies – LIKE A BOSS(!!!);   I’m keeping the sisters fed and happy.  [Here’s Ro, soaking up the sunshine!];  I’m revisiting my embossing folders:

Rotunda-6-months  embossed-backgrounds

I’ played with some of my stamps … some not so cool, and some kind-of-OKAY!

card-backgrounds---mehhhnnn card-backgrounds---better

I finally got around to working with glass … FINALLY!  Here are a few nite-lites,  And, I have 16 new spoon rests in-the-works [not pictured – yet!] …


So, all of this ‘non-adulting’ means DH and I have a DATE NIGHT for later today … This just might be working for me … Winking smile

date nite

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