Ahhh …

RELIEF!  Got through the annual tax date with our favorite accountant.  We really cut it down to the wire this year, finishing our sorting and tallying for the 3 businesses/4 jobs just 2 short hours before our appointment (with a 45 minute drive to make!)!  YIKES!

After that painful deadline, I am so not ‘adulting’ any more this week.  I’m playing with our pups, coloring pictures and stamping cards!  I will tinker with glass a bit, too, before I head in for my nursing tour this weekend.

Here are some of the panels I’ve colored, and what I’ll be working on next:

more-coloring next-up-coloring

And, a cute photo of the napping sisters close by my side … The girls always have an eye on me!  wlEmoticon-redheart.png


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