Big tease, microcephalic … and faith!

As I sit in the office, nursing a cup of coffee – trying to wake up and tap into my smiling, happy, civil side (come on caffeine!) … DH is giving me a run down on the weather predictions for the next 7 days.  Michigan and I have a love/hate relationship this snow shortstime of year … I love all the nice weather, hopes of spring and SUMMER(!) – but know we have at least one more snowfall/ICESTORM to come.  And I HATE that!  I’m all geared up, ready to start cleaning the pool, plant the garden – basically unHIBERNATE.  But, it’s coming people … don’t get too turned on yet, cuz Michigan will leave us cold once more  … The Big Tease! 

Meanwhile, my yarn arrived yesterday … and I have been a butterfly-hat knitting fiend!  I’m a little bit worried though.  My children inherited their father’s big head.  (It’s a gene their entire family passes on … something butterfly-knit-hatI would have taken into account pre-marriage and procreation – if I’d been thinking in my 20’s …)  Anyway, this hat isn’t looking like it will stretch past my daughter’s eyebrows, let alone her entire head.  I keep staring at the pictures in the pattern, saying ‘But, they don’t look microcephalic – they look to have a normal-sized head’ about the models … only to have DH inform my Yorkies that “Momma’s knitting a hat for you …”   (Showing ZERO REMORSE for his part in passing on the mutant  large-cranium gene!!)

But I have faith … Michigan will eventually roll into reliable nice weather (ummm … in June!) and my hat will fit someone (if not my daughter, maybe Winston – my 3.5 pound Yorkie) …tiny dog hat

*NOT Winston – but a small dog with a tiny hat from the internet

Finally made it to my studio yesterday … the kilns are cooling down from a de-bubble run and a recycled glass experiment.  Photos to follow … Have Faith!  Winking smile

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