Slowly sliding back into the groove …

WWU:  The very large (not full any longer, but still full enough to affect my county) moon did not disappoint – busy, crazy and … difficult.  But over(!) – so, moving on …

I spent about an hour after getting home from work Monday morning, just sitting in the studio, getting back into the swing of ‘all things glass’ … and then promptly crashed (slept).  Last night, I developed a yen to knit a hat or two (for my daughter, as I really don’t wear hats …)  So, I’ve ordered some yarn, patterns and (more) needles …

knit butterfly beret  dragon ribs hat  knit panama hat

Today, DH has me looking at local properties (via the ‘net), as HE thinks he may want to become a landlord … ???  [‘Hmmm, ok, whatever honey …’]  But – there is a house not far from us, I drive by it frequently, that has an INDOOR POOL!!!  I never realized … you really can’t tell from the front.  So – these photos started a huge discussion on a combination indoor pool/greenhouse project at our own home-front.  Yea, baby!  It’s only TALK, as this project would be quite time-consuming and COSTLY, but …. How Fun!  Who wouldn’t love to wake up and shuffle off to THIS  room?

pool room ideas   pool room

Enough day-dreaming!  It’s time to think ‘dinner’ thoughts so I can head to the studio this evening … Smile

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