Fun night – and now …

Had a great night with the family last night … Fried fish and shrimp, an impromptu YouTube session showing the kids 70’s CLASSIC  videos, and a surprise visit from my dad. 

We have a couple of muskrats living around our pond – and they’ve been seen recently soul trainsunning and moving about.  This is what started the video session … Captain and Tennille’s Muskrat Love – which started other educational  topics (for the kids) such as Solid Gold and Soul Train  [Elton John’s Benny and the Jets], and YMCA  … (BTW – it amazes me how things from my youth have been stored away in my memory as ‘pretty cool’ – only to be revisited later as ‘quite lame’ … Years ago, I purchased the DVD Silver Bullet, forced the kids into family movie night so that we could all watch it … only to have everyone, myself included concurring it is a very silly movie!  When will I learn???)

We gradually brought the videos up to more current decades, touching on the Spice Girls and ending with Maroon Five (oh, Adam!) … I’m certain my kids think I am certifiable – and that I should NEVER sing out loud … But we all had fun!

And now – to mentally prepare for this very large moon and a fun-filled weekend in the ER … Still haven’t made it to the studio yet – Darn it!!

full moon

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