What you can do with 2 adults and 4 kids …

hot tub adventurea little ingenuity and a lot of determination.  We had a small ‘adventure’ yesterday … DH and I decided it would be worth the time to pick up a free hot tub for the studio deck.  (I did mention that I’m a brat, right?)  Four hours later, we successfully moved the mountain!  But you have to see the photo and try to get the right mental image here …

That tub was on a sea-wall deck, almost four feet below the backyard.  Steps were too narrow to ‘simply’ carry it out.  Plus, it was in a lake community (houses packed in pretty tight) … So, DH brought the 4 wheeler attached to a snow-mobile trailer ON TOP of his hauling trailer for us to drive through the bulk of lower Michigan.  The only thing missing was Granny sitting on top of the whole heap in her rockin’ chair!

beverly hillbillies

We’ll be picking up a few other items (book cases, display shelves, etc. … not free, but – quality built and frugally priced!) later this evening.  Let the adventures continue … Smile  But, now – it’s time to get ready for work in-service number one …

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