Not moving fast enough …

I’m now reminded of what makes me CRAZY about renovation/building … I want it (the new studio) done YESTERDAY!!  But, I’m trying to be patient … and frugal.  I keep reminding myself – ‘this is NOT a living space’ … no one will be photographing it for ‘House Beautiful’ … but – I’m a brat!  I want what I want … so, I’m struggling with myself again!  Aarrgghh!

I did manage to get some of the dye-sub photos taken and uploaded.  Also did some needed house-work and bill-paying … but there’s nothing going on in the studio.  Which makes me a little bit nutty.  Tomorrow, I have the first of four (life-draining) work in-services …

To add fuel to the melancholy, my youngest (teenage) daughter created a disappointment last night.  With (barely) a blink of the eye, she tried  to lie to me … I realize the bulk of them do, but why???

So, I found myself surfing for up-lifting sites …  and stumbled on this pic … it made me smile!  Happy Halloween, ya’ll …

Happy Halloween

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