Up, down, up, down

daynightUp at 9p yesterday, back to sleep at 5am.  Airport runs and errands, then back to my ‘own schedule’ for a day or two (while being on-call, so who knows …?)  Then up at 6am (did I say A.M. ?!?) on Friday for a vet surgical appointment (two of our Neo’s have cherry eyes – need to be removed), so that I can put in a really long day, so that I can sleep well Friday night to stay up all night on Saturday … Yuck!  It’s a good thing I’m not big on circadian rhythms …

In between, I hope to buckle down with ornaments … they’ve been sitting in various stages of ‘done-ness’ for too long … time to get some finished.  Also hope to get some of the new bottles listed in the shops; I want to finish my first ‘for-sale’ mobile (have another bead shipment coming …); and I’m gradually producing ‘parts’ required for another couple of wind chime/sun-catcher ideas …

fpd1x1Received my sublimatables in the mail … I will slowly tinker with getting ‘model’ items made to list (someday – in my currently non-existent shop).  Since these new items are completely customizable – I’m having a hard time deciding what to print on them.  Generic layouts or images/photos/names and sentiments that are personal to me/my family? … Creative block – yuck!  But one I can overcome …

no ideas2

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