To every thing … (AKA weekend wrap up)

there is a season … Time to move on?  Maybe.  I don’t know.  I really don’t like change, but …

Had a few interesting things come up (out?) this weekend:  Delivered our first baby in our ER.  Yep, in the middle of the night with a full, backed-up ED and ambulances theseekersIVsteady bringing in patient after (sick) patient … Wasn’t a lot of fun.  The good news – everything went well (with delivery, mom and baby) … The bad news – I was the one trying to meet the needs of the rest of the patients, their families, multiple ambulances – and help out with the delivery … Can you say stimulation overload!?! 

Got to play in our local sister ER for a bit this weekend … I’ve never worked in a new, sparkly facility before.  Kinda nice!  And – they even have electronic stretchers … no more heaving 300 pounds of non-mobile (‘dead’) weight up and down by myself to raise and lower the head of the bed for patient comfort.  It seems little – but it’s a big deal!  Smile  Turns out they have an open position … Hmmm …

Took care of a school age person brought in for medical clearance so that he could go BACK to jail (not his first time in JAIL!!! ) … What is going on with my community???

Have the DARN SANE meeting this week … time to decide what therapeutic shopping spree I’ll need …

Studio news … Got my ‘Welcome’ chime/sun-catcher put together … now to take some nice pictures and get it listed (later this week).  Ran some more letters/mobile parts this weekend (when the studio is empty, so no one feels the HEAT!) …  Seems our dichroic badge reels are doing well – time to think about making a few more …  And, I have a hankering to play with some night light ideas and pendant ideas (tree of life) …  Oh – and I want to play with some dye-sub tiles … Ornaments?  Nahhh – maybe later.

But it’s Monday – and the pool and sunshine are calling me …


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