Summer Nights and DARN SANE

Weekend update:  Just another drunk summer weekend … We had lots of alcohol-involved visits.  Probably made the new computer program transition more bearable for the patients.  Kind of wish I could have been inebriated too (darn computers anyway), but … a great crew helped!  Smile

Had the monthly DARN SANE meeting this morning … on a plus side, it seems like more cases made their way through court to convictions!  But still way too many child abuse/sexual assault cases in my opinion (one is too many – but multiple pages worth … WTH???).  I’m glad these meetings are only once a month, as I don’t think my checkbook could handle any more … I now have a heat press and special printer coming … [personalized mugs, coasters, key chains, t-shirts, etc.]

I’ll leave with some photos of newly completed badge reels:

X Marks the Spot Badge ReelColors Collide Badge ReelBlue Scroll Badge ReelMilky Way Badge ReelPatchwork Badge ReelDiamond Badge ReelCosmic Flower Badge ReelPink Heart Badge ReelStardust Badge Reel

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