Busy, busy, busy …

fire-polish-dichro-badge-reI got a few things done in the studio this week … not as much as I’d like.  My dichro badge reels are running in the kiln as I type.  Got some 45+ bottles de-labeled and sanitized …  I received a new shipment from one of my glass stores – I have a new mobile idea I’m anxious to try.

pool_deckBut – summer is here … too hot to run the kilns round-the-clock.  And there are summer chores to handle … acres of hay to bale, grass to mow, flowers/garden to tend  … The kids have a week of school left – time to get the pool opened and swimmable … The kids are definitely eager for summer – just not the chores …

Meanwhile, both litters of pups are doing well … eating and sleeping, eating and sleeping – and growing!  Mattie’s babies have their eyes open – peekin’ at the world.  Sienna’s pups should open their eyes this coming week.  My moms are doing great – appetites are back in full force. Smile


And then there’s work tomorrow … We’ve rolled out a new component to our computerized charting.  Somewhere along the line it’s supposed to be better, but there’s the learning curve we have to endure first – which means longer patient stays/wait times … That always  makes folks happy!  Disappointed smile

computer nurse

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