And so it begins …

Summer – ahhhh … But wait …

bickering-kidsWE  have a houseful of teenagers … As we were sitting at the dinner table, playing some post-BBQ rummy, I was already practicing the art of deep breathing while ignoring my youngest daughter and oldest son bicker like preschoolers.  At one point I was waiting for the wailing cry of “Mooomm, s/he touched meeee!!”  I predict by summers end, I will either be a ‘Zen-Master’ deep-breather or will have spent the summer passed out due to hyperventilation … Time will tell.

laser-printerIn the meantime, I feel like I got next to nothing completed this week.  The two days of 95 degree weather hit me hard.  I still have lots of outdoor things that need accomplishing … As for studio news:  I’ve received my new printer that takes over my desk, but is needed for the heat press that is coming … I’m also working on the mobile idea – which includes glass letters, marbles and beads (once they arrive in the mail) … I’ll post a photo once I get one pulled together – hopefully this coming week …  Here’s hoping it transitions from my head to reality as well as I want …

I’ll leave with a photo of the napping Neo sandwich … Smile


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