Studio and summer news …

Started playing with some new dichro pieces last night (ok – early this morning, degloving-clutzas the insomnia has returned!) … managed to break a piece of glass very poorly, and am now sporting 3 band-aids on my left hand from where I was apparently trying to deglove myself a couple fingers at a time!  Not my finest moment.  Work slowed down after that – as I was trying to stop the bleeding.  Being an ER nurse, I know – OF COURSE I don’t need stitches!!!

Anyway – it’s all good.  Have my ‘WELCOME’ mobile hanging out in the front flower bed … it’s pretty.  Now to get it listed …

   welcome-wind-chime   welcome-mobile   bead-detail


I did some research yesterday, trying to figure out why my trumpet vine is growing VERY well, but not blooming.  I guess it can take anywhere from 5-10 years for them to start flowering … huhh, who knew?  It’s still pretty, climbing up our PVC pipe trellis, along with Ivy for 4 season color.  And, my $2 rose bush is getting ready to bloom!  Sweet!  The pear tree has new growth too.  I love summer!!

tvtrellis DSC05842 pear-tree

DH and I have talked/planned a bit more for the studio renovation/move.  It’s starting to come together!  Which thrills me, as I look around my over-crowded current space, knowing I need to clean and tidy, while wondering where to put it all … But the coffin is reloaded, ready for another run of letters/mobile parts. 


PS – not talking about DARN SANE … or CHILDREN with genital warts.  DH and my bank account are just going to have to deal with my therapy …

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