Weekend wrap up … Bum!

Didn’t make it to work this weekend … so no whining to be done.

Hold on a second – I can always whine about something.  I know, I can share a ‘reserve’ story … You know you’re a momma’s boy if:  You’re in your 40’s and you come to the ER telling anyone who will listen that your fever “tapped out at 102.4 – or was it 102.5?  And it hits every night, like clock-work at 5pm sharp!”  OH NO … not the dreaded ‘Clock-Work-Fever’.  Wow!  It’s really good you came in when you did.  We’ll have them prep the OR, STAT!  Oh wait … turns out it isn’t a rare, tropical disease with only minutes to live … just a virus.  Yep, you guessed it – the FLU! 

I’ve done some (mostly one handed) work in the studio:  Futuredye-sub-and-nite-lites night lights … both glass and sublimated (also on glass);  Played with some sublimated mugs (still wet from the cool-down bath) and key chains; I’ve made progress with my mobile parts (not crazy about the butterflies and buttons, but now I know …), and I did some much needed deep cleaning – months of ground glass GOOK cleaned out of the grinder and saw.  My goodness, if there was a use for that stuff – I’d have the market cornered!  Oh – and I’m slowly tinkering with ornament ideas.  Very slowly …

But – if you noticed … I’ve been playing with dye-sub.  Those are Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) scenes … pretty, huh?  sub-blanksI’m trying to build up samples/examples.  If anyone has any ideas, or photos they’d like to see turned into something … now’s the time to speak up.  I have marble coasters, porcelain ornaments, pet tags, pet collars, pet leashes, compact mirrors, ceramic mugs, travel mugs, water bottles, key chains, pendants, puzzles, metal tins, cutting boards, baby bibs, burp cloths, sunglass cases, tote bags, wine bags … oh – and beer cozies.  (Ummm, I like to be prepared … and shopping is good therapy … so just hush up already …) Still don’t have the needed super-tall toaster oven for the dog bowls and cookie jars – darn it!  Anyway … ideas anyone?

Later this week we’re taking my grandparents out for lunch; more SANE orientation for a new hire; and DH and I will celebrate 21 years of wedded bliss … Time to stop being a bum.

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