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Well YEAH – There’s that …

Yes!  My studio still needs cleaning, but … I have a whole mid-size kiln shelf of hot cabs just waiting for ‘GLAMOUR’ … So, you know – thank goodness I didn’t put all those frit jars away! But, wait – there’s more. … Read More

Help … My studio needs cleaning!

But, I don’t want to stop making stuff … This is crazy … I have hundreds of dollars worth of dichroic glass balancing precariously on teetering molds [umm, multiple molds], while I shuffle jars of frit from here-to-there, to make room for… Read More

Sometimes you’ve just got to play …

It’s not that I didn’t do ANYTHING this week.  I did.  I cleaned out my ‘shipping room’ … so DH could build a new, much needed shelf on the right wall … some place for all of those (new) boxes to go:… Read More