Sometimes you’ve just got to play …

It’s not that I didn’t do ANYTHING this week.  I did.  I cleaned out my ‘shipping room’ … so DH could build a new, much needed shelf on the right wall … some place for all of those (new) boxes to go:

clean-shipping-room    shipping-supplies

And while the rest of my studio is in desperate need of cleaning, tonight I decided it was time to play.  Not sure just what the end design will be with these dragonflies … but I like them;  And I’ve got a little jewelry/knick-knack tray going into the baby kiln … fingers crossed.

dragonflies    small-projectws

I did get a few new items to play with  – to see if/how they can be applied to warm glass projects.  Maybe I’ll clean tomorrow … Sure.  Laters …

new-glass-supplies     messy-studio

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