It’s the little things …

I’m so excited.  We have spent the last 10 days without our (clothes) dryer.  Some electronic part shorted out, and try as he did, DH couldn’t fix it.  To and from the repair shop it went … THREE TIMES!  It’s back today, AND FULLY OPERATIONAL!  This means – my loving Fred Sanford (DH) can remove the 40 feet of clothesline that he has strung all over my living room, dining room and stairway!!!  (Although – my formal rooms have been smelling ‘spring garden’ fresh …)  While I couldn’t capture the whole, two story image – you get the idea …


I’ve been tinkering and putzing in the studio.  Can’t seem to shake the ornament thing:

fused-glass-reindeer-orname fused-glass-spiderman fused-glass-valentine-ornam

But I am slowly switching gears … I have a new night light idea cooking right now and something spring-ish planned for these.  I’m also gathering supplies to try some freeze-n-fuse projects.


Had another epic-fail with my latest boiling glass attempt.  It’s now permanently fused in the broken pot … Hmmm, a stepping stone for my garden, maybe?  I learned a few things with this failure, though.

boiling-glass-pre-fire  boiling-glass-failure

No WWU this week.  I’m so tired of talking about the cold and flu season, I refuse to do it here.  The ‘countdown-to-paradise’ has begun (thank goodness) … so I’m preparing by gathering ‘travel books’ (to read on vacation).  Time to go turn my dryer on …


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