WWU = The pain that wasn’t

big-but not full-moonI knew it would be a strange weekend, based on the too-big-moon (NOT full, but still TOO large for my county), but – WOW!  It was busy volume-wise, (Cold and Flu!) but I have NEVER taken care of so many ‘non-existent’ chief complaints: 

  • “I HAD a migraine, but it’s gone now”;
  • “I had abdominal pain and currently my pain is 0/10”;
  • “I woke up (16 hours ago) with bleeding, but no – I’m not bleeding now”;
  • “I had [elective] surgery three years ago, and I’m having post-surgical pain” [No you’re not … you may have pain, but it is not from your ‘surgery’!]. 

Craziness!  At one point, one of my coworkers tried to explain that it had something to do with end of year deductibles … What?!?  Someone WANTS to spend HOURS in an ER for a non-existent complaint to aid in their tax season?  I don’t get it, but – hey, sounds like a fun Saturday night to me …???

It’s over for another 5 days, Thank Goodness!  Should I spend some time this week working out the non-existent New Year Resolutions  … that I won’t keep?  Winking smile

Hmm, no.  What I will do is try to organize and ’triage’ the glass projects I plan to focus on this year … in between trips to Metro, shopping (with the twins), daily dinner menus, and finding my house again under all the post-Christmas-dash and rubble, while still planning for the Christmas-in-January celebration with my dad.  Whew – I know it’s Monday morning (which means I haven’t slept yet), but I’m exhausted just thinking about it!  Maybe I need to go to the ER … ?

Nawww … I’ll putz in the studio, soak in the hot tub and crash for a few hours instead.  I have a glass package to ship out (the last of 2012).  I’m re-running my reindeer ornaments (they didn’t fuse to the ‘just right’ level on the first round) and, DH has been thinking about doing some wire-wrapping again … I like these potential pendants we have here.

reindeer-ornaments wire-wrapping-pendant new-pendants

Happy New Year … Time to start thinking about Valentines projects … Smile


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