Christmas 2012 …

Christmas-ZeusWe all had a great day!  And, I’m loving the fact that DH and I are now old enough we don’t have to do the Crazy Christmas Circuit – where you drive your cranky little ones all over the state and back again to make the ‘Christmas rounds’.  This is much better!  A relaxed family day, with good food, good memories … all while spending the whole day in comfy clothes (pajama pants – OH YEAH!!)!  Here’s a Christmas picture of the Mighty Zeus … And, we ended the day watching “White Christmas” as my youngest daughter had been wanting to for over a week!  Smile

But, it would appear I’m not done with Christmas yet (… ok, I know I’m not since we have our celebration with my dad’s side of the family in January) … I’m working on a couple more ornaments before I shift (glass) gears:

Reindeer-ornament    Fused-glass-Santa-ornaments

My mind is starting to spin with other ideas too.  I’ve ordered a few things, am preparing shopping lists for my next visit to our local glass store, and sketching ideas like crazy in my ‘to do’ book.  In the meantime, I have this mini-tray of experiments cookin’ as I type:


And, here’s my Amish(-esque) Quilt squares:  One came out nicely, the other one has some wonky-spots on it.  I tried to get fancy and put an anti-devit/aid-in-glossy-surface prep on it … now I know I won’t be doing that again. (So, I have another studio-bowl to add to my collection …)

patches-trial   amish-quilt-bowls

And the snow is here(!) … We’ve got some flights scheduled for this week.  Fingers crossed we don’t get “grounded”!


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