It’s crunch time …

The next 8 days are gonna be so crazy/busy … good thing I love stress! I have adorable kids to get me through!


The babies will start moving on to their new homes starting next week … but, we are keeping one.  Since the twins are learning Spanish (so I am too – a little) … her name will be Clayton Hill Fea Gorda BlondE el-GrandE … or Blondie for short [she’s the tawny pup with her back end pointed at the camera, while casually gracing us with her profile –  in the photo above] … Loosely translates to Fat Ugly Big Blonde … Winking smile  I love my babies!

Christmas shopping is done … just waiting for those elves to come wrap!  And, I’ve been working on a few things in the studio:  Shipped out some special request spoon rests; Made some Christmas ornaments for the family; sold out of my ‘Psychedelic Nite-Lites’, so I’m cooking up a new batch.

Colorful-spoon-rests  glass-ornaments  more-psychedelic-night-ligh

And, I’m playing with some chunky, ‘Amish-esque’ (bright, bold colors on black) designs … Here’s the trial piece (4×4 inch) waiting for it’s turn in the kiln … fingers crossed!


BTW – not so much for the office or kids, but … if you want a chuckle – check out this link for the ‘25 Best Autocorrects of 2012’ … DH and I were dyin’ (I laughed till I cried and he had to take ‘breathing breaks’)!  Smile 

And, we made a batch of Cinnamon Sugar Almonds … it’s a crock pot recipe:  Here’s the link from Detrimentalbeauty’s blog (her recipe).  It fills the house up with that wonderful winter/Christmas smell!  I ended up overcooking mine – but they’re still yummy, even while being a little extra caramelized and super crunchy!

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