Prayers & 3 kilns running …

And while I continue to take moments throughout the day to offer up prayers to the families and community in Connecticut, I go on about my business.  Did I give my kids extra hugs?  You bet!  We had our family time at the dinner table over home cooked Shrimp Alfredo and finished with our nightly evening round of cards (Euchre is the current favorite).  Another hug for them and off I went to the studio …

floating lanterns

I took pictures for listings in the shops;  Here’s our etched slumped wine bottles – I really like them!  And some badge reels (one goes to the twins’ favorite teacher) …

 rum-bottle          DSC06338    red-baroque-badge-reel  ER-nurse-badge-reel  teacher-badge-reel

I’ve been making more ornaments to keep the stock up; I have another wine bottle experiment in the large kiln … fingers crossed!  And, I’ve got spoon rests (special order) firing up in the production kiln.

   more-glass-ornaments     DSC06323          maggie-wine-bottle-experime     spoon-rest-blanks-12-14-12    

And then DH sent me a picture … He’s rebuilding a Ford Expedition – Eddie Bauer edition (he’s a mechanic and automotive body technician, among his other titles).  The driver’s seat needed to be replaced, so that’s what he did.  Meanwhile, you need to know that he and I have talked about getting a ‘really comfy’ creeper-type seat in the studio, for when I’m hunkered down over the kiln placing small pieces of glass.  Anyway – DH sends me this picture from his phone … calling it my ‘new work chair’ … only MY Fred Sanford!  Smile


Hope to get a few more things wrapped up before I head off to work – uhh, later today.  We’ll see … I’ve got a houseful of puppies and kids that need to be hugged!

Ella- 6 wk Neo

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